domingo, 20 de noviembre de 2011

Countries and Nationalities

We are going to learn about the different countries and nationalities around the world.

Please, look and listen the dialogue between two students carefully:

Look some nationalities and countries:

Now make some activities about this topic:

1. Solve this crossword:

2. Complete these sentences:

  1.  I live in_______________. I am _____________ (Colombia)
  2. John lives in _______________. He is ________________ ( United States)
  3. Maria lives in _______________. She is ________________ ( Peru)
  4. We are____________________. We live in ______________ (France)
  5. They are ___________________. They live in _______________( Canada)

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  1. ana osorio 501-35
    me parecio muy chevere todos los videos y actividades las pude hacer todas